Excellent Dentistry with Integrity

Our office is like nothing you could ever imagine!

In this economy you need to get the most for your money. We offer many free services to make your visit enjoyable!

We offer many soothing services such as massage and aromatherapy – all against a backdrop of relaxing soft music and images. We have integrated proven techniques used in reducing the stress and anxiety often associated with dental work. If dentistry isn’t stressful for you, we have several great movies, CNN, ESPN or sitcoms on DVD to laugh your way through your appointment. You’ll look forward to your next visit…trust us!

BY THE WAY…..Kids LOVE this place…. and we only have MERCURY FREE FILLINGS AND BPA FREE SEALANTS for your peace of mind and good health! (most offices do not offer the healthier sealant option) We charge the same reasonable price for INVISALIGN as we do for regular braces!

We provide an ambiance that is conducive to relaxation.



Two people get teeth whitening for the price of one..call for details!