Why Choose Valley Dental?

We are proud of the relationships with our Patients and are happy to share some of their comments.

Valley Dental is no-stress dental,
well as much as going the dentist can be.

It’s more than professional dental care,
it goes beyond that.
Dr Baker and the staff are great with kids,
they make it fun.


The staff at Valley Dental Spa went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during my office visit. Dr. Baker was fantastic and even called me “after hours” to make sure I was doing okay! Did I mention they offer FREE MASSAGES to calm your nerves… FREE MASSAGES. Valley Dental Spa kinda makes me wish I had cavities more often… 😉 Just kidding, kids. Brush your teeth) - Kylie Mosteller

This is not your typical dental office. They have a massage chair in the waiting room; a wax hand dip service; hot neck rolls to help make you comfortable; you get a hand massage while they work on your teeth, and you can pick a dvd to watch during your service. ALL OF THESE SERVICES ARE INCLUDED AS A PART OF YOUR EXPERIENCE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Guys—take advantage of it–I used to shrug off the ‘spa like extras’ because I thought it was going to infringe on my ‘manliness’ but, after accepting for the first time, I will always do it. You not only leave with clean teeth, but feel extremely relaxed! – Chester VanderKlok

I can’t say enough good things about Valley Dental Spa. As much as I hate going to the dentist – I love to go to Valley Dental! My first experience with them was in the middle of a dental emergency caused by another dentist who then closed the office for two weeks and was unavailable. Dr. Valley didn’t hesitate to take on a new patient who was in severe pain and in the middle of getting a crown. Not only did he relieve the immediate pain, but he called that night to make sure that I was still doing ok after the numbing shot had worn off. I was so impressed with the service I received and the staff that I have gone there for years now and tell everyone how wonderful they are. Dr. Valley and Dr. Baker are wonderful, and the staff seems to truly enjoy working there and it shows in how well they treat the patients. I still can’t believe that I actually enjoy going to the dentist now! –Melody Bennett

I was referred to Valley Dental Spa 4 years ago after moving to the lansing area. What a treat it is to go to the dentist! Not only do you get a massage and paraffin dip, they treat you like family. They are on time with their scheduling, I have never had to wait more than 5 mins in the waiting room. Whatever their quote is for dental services not covered by my insurance, has been very accurate. I have referred all of my family, friends and co-workers who all think this is the best dentist office in the area! – Tiffany Priebe

I have been a patient at Valley Dental Spa for several years now. Last year I was informed I needed an implant on my very front top tooth, 9 months before my wedding! EEEK! Of course I freaked out a little bit. Valley Dental, both the dentists and front desk were PHENOMENAL! They made a special trip into the office the day before my wedding to install the final crown so I could feel beautiful in every aspect on my special day. This is just one example of how they continuously go above and beyond to serve their patients! It seems everyone in the office knew I got married, even people I didn’t come into contact with during my implant procedure. They have great memories of their patients mouths, but also what’s going on in their lives. I have always found their information to be accurate when they estimate what my insurance will pay for my coverages. If they can’t perform a service (such as pulling my tooth for my implant) they will refer you to a great Ortho specialist and will work with the other office when scheduling the procedures to make it as hassle free for YOU, the patient, as possible. Great work, Valley Dental! I love you guys! Thank you for always going above and beyond and making my special day just that, special! –Cambria Whittaker

Happy to see so many people I know are now patients here. I’ve lauded Valley Dental for 15 years now. It’s a family here and they treat you like a guest in there home. – Philip Balger